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Do you obsess about creating cash in your company?

Building a business is like leading your family through the woods and up a mountain. Then, when sales are stuck on a plateau, it feels like having to leave a backpack behind to continue on. There’s just too much for you to carry up that mountain.  You’ve been doing too many things for different customers with all of the knowledge and skills that you have OR you’ve been doing too many jobs yourself, and you’ve lost the edge on what you do better than anyone else.
It’s an emotional decision, and you’re going to have to justify it with logic. Let’s talk about the money and the provisions to keep this family alive and thriving on this journey up that mountain.

Be the best and do just that.

It’s fun to look at the sales growth, just like watching the kids grow.  Look how tall they are!  But the real value of your company isn’t in sales.  The real value of your company begins with profit, but there’s one more thing.  It’s that one thing that you do better than anyone else, and that clients will pay for over and over again.  The value of your business lies within the lifetime value of your customers and the ability of your company to deliver that without your hands on any of it as an owner.

Build for growth and always be ready to sell.

As an owner you have to be relentlessly resourceful.

You also know that your success will not come as a do-it-yourselfer, because you need help.  But, if it was just about adding some people in your company or joining a group of like-minded people, you would have done that already. 

It’s easy to rationalize the current condition and say something like, “business is good so I’m OK.”  Let’s reflect on that thought.  Does that mean your business is good enough or better than ever?  How does it match up today to the idea that motivated you to take on the risk when you started the business? 

Here’s what success looks like with us.  I will help you on a path to double the value of your business in the next 12 months.  I know that we can do this together for two reasons.  First, because you’re the expert in your industry and you obsess about creating cash in your business.  Second, because I’ve experienced the conventional wisdom, head trash, and even groupthink that’s been holding you back.  Here’s the good news, all of that experience and research that I’ve used with success is a path for you to follow.  We’ll work together to build your company as if you were going to sell it for a lot of money.  I’ll guarantee your progress too.  For many owners like you, the sale was never even a thought until, out of the blue, they received an offer that they just couldn’t ignore.  How does that sound to you?

Finally, this is a confidential place to talk about big ideas and difficult things in your business.  I’ll show you the way to get the most out of this experience with evidence-based proprietary tools and the collective wisdom of other business owners who follow our unique process too.  No groupthink, keynote speeches or glorified networking, only progress to make this your best year ever and a path to many more.  Here’s an example.  How about 18x sales growth in one year by recognizing a more valuable job that you could do for your customers?

You can’t afford to lose.  Be the best, share the knowledge, and get this business off your shoulders.  Stop looking in the mirror for answers to tough questions.  Start with a call or benchmark your company first for an objective assessment on the strength and positioning of your company and we’ll talk about overcoming those things that have been holding you back.  

Bob Green
Growth Strategy & Business Advisory Boards

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